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This is a collection of freely available resources for learning GIS. They are collected in a Wiki to enable the community to maintain the list with new resources as they become available.

Resources Edit

GIS Basics Edit

Mapping & GIS for Absolute Beginners - short article from the makers of Mango Map explaining the core basic GIS concepts.

Beginner's Guide to GIS An in-depth introduction to GIS concepts, data, software, and web mapping

Mapschool - a free introduction to geo

How GPS Works - trilateration explained

Datums and Coordinate Reference Systems Edit

Coordinate System Definitions - The Spatial Blog on coordinate system definitions.

Introduction to Geodetic Datums - a collection of Youtube videos explaining the Geodetic Datums concept.

Cartography Edit

Cartographic Design Principles - series of articles from the UK's national mapping agency OS on cartographic design.

Cartographic Color Tips - Azavea Atlas blog post

Bivariate Choropleth Maps - blog post introduces the idea of bivariate choropleth mapping

Subtleties of Color - a 6 part blog on color theory from Nasa's Earth observatory

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) Edit

MIT Open Courseware - Tutorial with practical exercises from MIT

Introduction to Geospatial Technology Using QGIS - Del Mar College Via Canvas

Skills for the Digital Earth - Elmhurst College

Maps and the Geospatial Revolution - Penn State Via Coursera

Introduction to GIS - University of Western Florida Via Canvas

Geospatial Intelligence and the Geosptial Revolution - Penn State Via Coursera

From GPS to Google Maps and Spatial Computing - University of Minnesota Via Coursera

Introduction to GIS - an open course using the Open Source software package gvSIG

Using QGIS for Desktop GIS Edit

Open Source GIS with QGIS 2.0 - Lex Berman, Harvard University

5 QGIS lessons on Vimeo - introduction to QGIS videos by Mango Maps

QGIS Tutorials and Tips - by Ujaval Ghandi

QGIS Uncovered - QGIS Tutorials on Youtube by Steven Bernard

QGIS Training Manual - Official QGIS Documentation

GIS Practicum - Introduction to GIS using Open Source Software, Baruch Geoportal

GeoAcademy - the 'official' QGIS course developed by GEo4All the FOSS4G education arm

The Free QGIS Training Manual - Linfiniti Consulting

GIS Geography - short guide to QGIS

Free Preview of Mastering QGIS - preview of QGIS book.

Open Source GIS Platform Edit

Lets Talk About Your Geostack - a workshop presented by Eric Theise

Web Mapping Edit

Web-Map-Workshop - a series of workshops introducing the fundamentals of web programming and webmapping

Web Mapping Tutorial - by maptime

Core Online Mapping Concepts - courageous coder explains the basics of GIS for web developers

Web Mapping for Dummies - from the xyht blog

More than you ever wanted to know about GeoJSON - GeoJSON is currently the most popular data exchange format in web mapping

CartoDB's Map Academy - tutorials from CarotBD on using their mapping platform

MangoMap - MangoMap help documentation

MapBox Education - educational resources from MapBox

MapBox Studio - tutorial on using MapBox studio

Leaflet Mapping Tutorial - Creating a Leaflet.js mapping app from the ground up

Leaflet Tips and Tricks - freely available e-book

D3 Maps: Getting Started - tutorial, how to create an election map using D3

Interactive and Multivariate Choropleth Maps with D3 - tutorial presented at NACIS conference by University of Wisconsin–Madison

Time Series Proportional Symbol Maps with Leaflet and jQuery - tutorial presented at NACIS conference by University of Wisconsin–Madison

Open Street Map Edit

Learn OSM - learn how to use and constribute to the 'wikipedia of maps'

Mapping with Open Street Map - Mapbox's extensive guide to Open Street Map.

Learn to Map - map gives quick get started guide to Open Street Map and the Humanitarian Open Street Map tasking manager.

Other Collections of GIS Resources Edit

Resources Robin Tolochko - huge list of resources, everything you need is here.

Maptime List of Tutorials

GoGeo - UK Higher Education Institutions geo Portal

Digital Earth EU - list of data sources and resources

Digital Geography GI Resources

OSGeo Education Content Inventory

Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Science Open Educational Resources

Gretchen Peterson Links - a list of cartography resources from the "Renowned Cartographer" Gretchen Peterson.

GIS Resources - an Indian website brining together information on all aspects of GIS including lots of learning resources

awesome-spatial - links to a whole range of spatial themed GitHub repos

Ordnance Survey Open Source GIS Guides - designed with users of OS data in mind, but still useful resource from the UK's NMA

Collection of Some Cool GeoTools Useful for GeoGeeks - from Geoawesomeness

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